Josh Smethurst


I am a Final Year Product Design undergraduate at Nottingham Trent University, currently working to a 2:1 standard. I have an ability to approach design from a unique perspective and to truly think outside the box to come up with innovative solutions and fresh ideas. I am passionate about design and I thrive on the challenge of problem solving. 




Biodegradable Hot Stone Cooker

A disposable cooker that can be disposed of on site, using Ecovative mushroom material and its unique fire resistance properties. The cooker also utilises a hot stone for cooking which give the user a different style of cooking.

Print & Draw

A 3D printer and pen for kids to create and customize all of their own creations. The pen is removable and can be used as a regular 3D printing pen, when it is in the holder it is transformed into a CNC 3D printer. The best of both worlds.