Joshua Kaye

I am an aesthetically driven designer who is highly motivated and always keen to take on new challenges. I am a fast learner and give great attention to detail in everything I do. I relish chances to push myself and expand my skill set, as well as improving upon existing knowledge. My interests within the design world do not only include Product Design, but stretch from Graphics to Interior Design and Architecture


T: 07914149561



Svänga is a multifunctional table, inspired by Scandinavian design. The table top is attached to four pivoting arms, which allows for two different positions and enables it to be used as a coffee table, dining table or even a desk. Svänga was designed with small space living in mind, also catering for the growing number of professionals who work from home. The design comes fully flat-packed, keeping both costs and lead times manageable.


The Snowpole is an accessory which allows users to easily switch between filming themselves and their surroundings, without needing to make any manual adjustments. Whatever camera is attached to the Snowpole can be turned 180 degrees with the press of a button, allowing for seamless dynamic footage.