Joshwin Junior Ramji

Modern design with classic principles, a designer who bases many of his conceptions upon Dieter Rams and the 10 principles of “Good Design’. In particular “Good Design is as little Design as possible”. Creating simple yet effective designs, which focus on solving the task at hand, with an aspiration to fit the creations effortlessly into current environments. 



T: 07500863853


Iris is a flat pack pendant light, which encourages user interaction through manual motion. Iris features a mechanism that allows the user to manually adjust the exposure of lighting, to suit the task at hand. The minimal packaging through to the easy assembly has the user as the main focus and creates a trouble free process for all. 


ARC, a colander for Lentils and Grains, aims to create an easier experience through the preparation process. The sleek design allows the user to Rinse, Soak and Drain foods through one utensil. This eliminates food waste and reduces the amount of water used, through the promoted preparation method.