Joy Yap

I am a firm believer of the phrase ‘less is more’, and that is often translated through my designs in a variety of ways. 

Every designer has their own preferred design medium or tools in order to explain and get their ideas across to others quickly. Mine happens to be model-making and CAD. I am adept at multiple CAD/graphic programs and also an eager learner of new programs that would be beneficial for ideation, visualisation or presentation purposes. 

When I am not designing or making products, I can either be found doing some toy photography outdoors or building something out of Lego. | |



Heron is a modular end table that can be used on its own or in multiples for a variety of purposes and configurations. Made through bent lamination of a mixture of reclaimed and fresh birch plywood, Heron is suitable for use in various areas of the home environment where a small surface or storage compartment is needed. The design was inspired by the neck of a heron and the principles of minimalism – less is more/owning less, quality over quantity and cherishing possessions.



Made primarily out of oak, comprising of a mirror, coat rack and shoe rack, Entree is a free-standing entryway storage that looks into ways of storing belongings by the entryway in an alternative way. This is to encourage people to cherish and have a better appreciation of their belongings, also to minimise unnecessary clutter that builds up over time often due to indolence and lack of awareness.