Katherine Kermack

Through my design work I always strive to create products with emphasis on being true to the materials being used and the manufacturing process. My aim is to design products that not only inspire my user but also suit their particular lifestyles.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my placement with ‘Alice Made This’. I was commended for my ability to work in a team, my attention to detail and adaptability. I found I could easily turn my hand to any task from sketching new designs, photography and editing imagery to the more mundane tasks such as quality control and maintenance of products. 

Katherinekermack@gmail.com  |  https://www.linkedin.com/in/katherine-kermack-3b377a8a/

Hidden Artisans


Local artisans often work from home. The lack of visible shop means they miss out on passing trade, relying on online sales. Hidden Artisan cabinets provides a secure, branded visual landmark for artisans to sell and advertise their wares outside their home or studio. The app allows customers to find artisans in their local area. The cabinet is formed of internal boxes, of different sizes, according to the artisan preference and can be re-arranged when a change of display is needed. 

XLYM: Fully Biodegradable Pen


A fully biodegradable bamboo pen inspired by traditional Japanese joining techniques. It has a soft retractable lid to solve the issue of lost lids and uses natural inks. XYLM’s name was inspired by the xylem vessels in plants. The ink travels through the nib in a similar way that water travels up a stem.