Katie Brown

From an early age I became interested in all things creative. Through my passion for making and designing I decided to pursue a career in the design world. As a designer I feel the exploration of materials is key to creating a design, adapting and manipulating the material to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome is key. However, I feel some materials are to be celebrated in a design, becoming a feature, focusing on their appearance, properties and function. This passion for creativity grew throughout school and then on to university where I found my feet as a designer. | 07730352836


Light - Brown Katie.jpg
Light in place - Brown Katie.jpg

Taper seamlessly incorporates Steel, Oak and Brass in a statement pendant light. The unique shape of the Oak, allows the light to shine through in a variety of directions, allowing the user to explore Taper from all angles.


Cupboard - Brown Katie.jpg
Cupboard - Brown Katie.jpg
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Minimalistic yet stylish, Elona is a highend piece of furniture. Made from Plywood and Walnut, Elona is an interchangeable piece of design, available in different colour finishes and wood depending on the users specification.