Kelly-Marie Cairns

As a designer I like create and design products that help and improve peoples. From working in a care home I feel like I have a caring nature that I can mirror in my products. I have a attraction to how products can have emotional impact on the consumer and how they are used the product in their everyday lives. From working in a care home and working in a school I have seen the positive impact products have had on them and I feel I would like to create that same affect with my products. 


This product is to encourage independence for residents diagnosed with dementia living in care home, giving them Guidance with completing everyday tasks such as washing hands or brushing teeth. People go about tasks in different orders and therefore the sliding images are so the residents can adjust the images to their routine. This product has positive feedback from careers when using this to communicate with their residents. 

Feeling Autism

‘Feeling Autism is a system created to help students with autism communicate their emotions with their teachers. This system allows educators to record a student’s emotions throughout the year, creating a progress report of their behaviour.’

This product consists of a watch used by the students and a application on the teacher's system. The watch syncs to the application via Bluetooth every 15 minutes to notify the teacher how that student is feeling. The teacher can log a particular emotion that occurred during an incident and comment on how the situation was resolved. Thus creating a personal diary for that student.