Kieran Reid 

I like making things and spending spare time studying architecture. Sustainable design is an important factor to me. This stemmed from spending a lot of time adventuring outdoors whilst growing up. Which is why I plan to utilise my last name ‘Reid’ as a form of branding my future work. Identifying new avenues by a re-consideration of current re-cycling, re-using and re-building approaches.

Re-ID, Re-working Industrial, Interior, Intelligent Designs.

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Re-ID Swivel Chair 

Hero Image Newton Double C1 Re-ID Chair2.jpg

Re-ID Swivel Chairs: a proposal to provide interior environments (particularly learning and relaxation spaces) with high-end seating from sustainable sources. Promoting a company’s green image with a clean conscience. Re-working disused wooden office furniture and desk chairs, upholstered in new foam and fabric.

Star Cinema Al Fresco 

Kieran Reid BA PD4 FINAL Screening Alfresco CAD Model for presentationCYMK.jpg
Photoshopped Star Cinema CAD Model for presentation11.jpg
Press release Star Cinema CAD Model for presentation.jpg

Screen movies and games under the stars or in the day, al fresco, with this close-away sofa. Movable in and out of the sun or shade, on wheels in the style of vintage projector reels. This unit saves storing cushions whilst protecting the comfort of upholstery and electrics from unpredictable weathering.