Kieran Wilkes

Originally from Birmingham, having been heavily interested in design throughout my school years I decided to take my design interest even further and try to create a career out of something I extremely enjoy. I take inspiration from modern cultures to try and make each and every one of my designs wanted now. I take my design work very seriously and always see room for improvement no matter how developed a design is.

With great CAD skills, Engineering Knowledge (through placement), Graphic Design skills and Making skills I know I am a very versatile designer and know I can adapt to any given task.

For more information about myself and to see more of my work please visit both my Linked In and website. |

Sketchies Toy Storage

Sketchies toy storage is a solution for the mess children cause whilst playing with their toys. With incorporated weight sensors to encourage the child to tidy up. This is by rewarding the child through the use of an in-app game when toys are put away, or rewards by the parent purchasing alternate scenes.

Organiser Lamp


Organiser Lamp is a station for all of your most important items to be situated. With a lamp function aimed to stop people getting out of bed to locate items placed on their bed side tables. With specifically designed trays for different users every young adult or student will benefit using the product.