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Kim Ridgway 

An ambitious, hard working individual, currently completing my final year of studies after completing 14 months placement with The Body Shop, L’Oreal as a Packaging Technologist for Skin Care. 

I have a keen interest in product and packaging design. I enjoy the possibilities in design and love to create objects that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing, whilst developing and understanding of the human psyche and perception involved in sales and presentation. I'm creative and confident in my own abilities, but now seek the opportunity to develop a 'real world' understanding of the financial and media-conscious parameters that enable a company to develop their product placement and public image to best effect.

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In 2008, the cosmetic industry alone created 120.8 billion units of packaging. Horizon aims to be a luxury cosmetic brand featuring stunning refillable lipsticks that can be personalized by cap color and initial embossing. This brings refilling up to a premium standard that can be accepted in the cosmetic industry.


In the modern day, gender is no longer black and white, industries such as fashion have started to adapt to this, designing unisex products. Be.You is a skincare brand, providing a modular unisex skincare regime, making it simple and easy for all to have good skin and a tidy bathroom.