Kitty Frost

As a logical thinker with a holistic approach to the whole design process I aim to combine the
creativity and practicality required to generate a solution. My interests include designing to improve
products, particularly towards designs that are multifunctional, modular or space saving. Most of my designs reflect on nature, either through shape and form or function.

I enjoy learning through new projects and gaining experience and knowledge from different areas of design. The challenge to overcome design problems through independent and group work allows me to push myself and gain an understanding into new techniques.
A year-long placement at Race Furniture enabled me to understand design as an integrated part of a business and how projects can be managed and communicated. Working on various projects with different people allowed me to develop my technical and interpersonal skills to become a more versatile designer.


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Major Study Project:



The Pod-Garden is a modular growing unit designed to be used as an indoor garden in a household environment. It uses simplified hydroponic technology to provide a clean and easy system for growing herbs and other culinary plants. The modules work both independently or as a group to suit the needs and space requirements of the user. Each pod expands to act as a free-standing unit when in use and can be collapsed again for transportation or storage. An integrated cultivation light has been fitted to ensure that the plants have the optimal environment to grow in. Each module has two inserts included, one is suitable for sowing seeds and the other is for more developed plants. The pods also come in a variety of colours as well as the option to have a wooden casing which allows users to personalise their group of pods to suit their preferences.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Simple Hook


This simplistic hook was designed to utilise the aluminium extrusion process. Unlike the traditional coat hook, the hollow profile allows the hook to have more than one ‘hanging point’. This design feature also reduces the volume of material used without losing the necessary strength. An accompanying mounting bracket allows the hook to be installed on any wall, either independently or alongside other hooks.
The use of aluminium for the design ensures the product is cheap, lightweight and easy to manufacture. Using an extrusion process the product would be mass produced quickly and would also allow for customisation of the width of the hook. Further development of the product could lead to a modular collection of varying hooks and shelving. These profiles would share the same installation bracket yet would be arranged by the user depending on the space available in their home.