Kyle Musk

As a designer, I strive to design new and exciting products. Experimentation with materials is something that really tests my abilities. Pushing them to their limits in unexpected and unique ways. For example moulding felt as I did with my minor project, or layering and bending 5mm strips of wood to create a coffee table for my major project. I am inspired mostly by minimalism and contemporary design and I feel this can be seen in the way I design. |


Ovis is a contemporary floor lamp, designed by experimenting with felt as a material and exploring its capabilities as a lampshade. Made by forming the felt into a quilted pattern the light has a textured element to it which entices the user to want to touch it.



Mezzo is a contemporary coffee table that explores the process of laminate bending. The table top was created by experimenting with bending 5mm strips of wood in a pattern to slowly build up layers, resulting in an interesting pattern.