Kyle Pointer

I come from an Art background, only properly delving into Product Design during my Foundation Degree. I believe it has benefitted my creativity greatly and allowed me to take unique perspectives on topics and issues. I have been spending my University years discovering who I am as a designer and what I want to stand for.

After my placement year at LEGO, I have gained a great outlook on playful design and how important it is to make people smile, improve the lives of others and encourage a joyful mentality through the products I design. I consider myself quite unique, with a colourful, active and playful outlook on life, and that is something I want to portray in my work; particularly encouraging adult play. I believe myself to be an ‘all-round’ designer who enjoys conducting research, sketching, CAD work and mostly hands-on prototyping and I hope to find a job that allows me to be a part of them all.


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A Functional Backpack for Young Women


A heavily researched-based project, my findings led me to design a functional backpack that considered the needs of young women, such as having adequate space for everyday items, suitable materials that reduce stains from make-up and food, private room for sanitary products and personal items, a suitable layout for organisation while allowing easy access and the feeling of security when wearing the backpack, whilst retaining a neutral fashion to adopt to seasons and consumers and keeping cost within the modest student price-range.

The final product is a humble Polyester and Faux Leather backpack with a considered interior layout for the best user interaction. It doesn’t scream or shout, it just does its job well in the background and could almost disappear in the crowd. The design process was very prototype driven which I enjoyed a great deal and I have found myself a keen new interest in both apparel design and designing for the needs of women.


Poolside Lounge Chair


I wanted to go big for my Major Project and take this last opportunity to design something for my own personal pleasure, and having a passion for both furniture and play led to this colourful, flamboyant take on a sun lounger. This project was such a fun one for me with a tonne of sketching and scale modelling. The upholstered, laminate ply seat hangs within a steam bent Ash ring, supported by two lengths of cord, threaded through a brass bracket and attached to the ring by brass brackets and bow shackles. I really wanted to go full scale for this project, but unfortunately, a mix of limited funds and lack of technical capabilities of the workshop meant that a full scale prototype never came to fruition. It is my hope to spend my weekend’s steam bending and improving my manufacturing skills to the point where I can build the chair