Laura Main

My passion for design was evident all the way through education; having the opportunity to study product design has intensified my enthusiasm towards pursuing a career in the design industry. Seeing a final outcome develop through discussions, research and design concepts, is something which motivates and excites me. After successfully completing a placement at a bespoke powerchair design company, my interest heightened in designing for disability. As well as this, I also have a strong interest in designing for children. I am a hard worker in everything I do and love to inject fun and creativity into a workspace. 



Denny is a fun, educational and interactive product designed to encourage young children to brush their teeth. Denny incorporates light up teeth in order to display 2 minutes. There are stars which individually light up after a child has successfully brushed for two minutes, 14 stars – one week later, there is an opportunity for the user to receive a reward.

Denny – coming soon to a bathroom near you!

Look - Think - Live System 

The Look-Think-Live System combines an adaptable set of lights that are mounted on the dashboard of a car. The product utilises flashing light beams directed at the A-Pillars and peripheral vision to encourage car drivers to look out for more vulnerable road users. As well as a light prompt, a short bike-associated sound will alarm. The device is flexible in order to fit in any vehicle and small enough not to obstruct the drivers view.