Lauren Maitland

I am an enthusiastic, confident and capable individual and I am very proud of my achievements so far both academically and in my career. I was fortunate enough to have a placement with McDonald’s London Head Office, where I experienced working for a corporate company and during my time their part of my job was web design, event management, graphics and global communication. I am always trying to improve my skills and abilities to further myself. I am a versatile designer that has an interest in many aspects of product design. One of the most important things to me is the user, and the connection they get with the completed product. | 07500904989

Bear Biodegradable Packaging

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100% biodegradable packaging for The Bear Kitchen Co. London based restaurant. The packaging range consists of bowls, small and large plates for their “grab and go” range. The product is made from seeded paper which, after use, the user can grow herbs at home or can be sent to landfill where it will biodegrade.


Post-operative Knee Brace

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The knee brace is to be used after knee surgery, to protect the knee in recovery. It is designed to improve the user’s experience over the current braces available. I have achieved this through the following improved features; non-slip straps to prevent the brace sliding, light weight and more hygienic for the user.


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