Lauren Poultney

I am a very passionate and hardworking individual, as I have been working from the age of 15 as a swimming teacher. My interest in design came from a young age as I have always been creative. Since having a year in industry at Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design, this gave me an insight into upcycling design and working within a small company. This allowed me to be fully emerged into the business and I learnt a lot from Sarah as a designer and business woman.

When I design I want to help someone or something in various ways whether this be a sustainable product or a functional, problem solving product. I am interested in ‘good’ design as described by Viktor Papenek in his book design for the real world. This includes designing in an honest and professional manor where all methods are analysed and designed to fit the brief.

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Upcycled Glass Bottle Light


This project was inspired by upcycling and the problems involved with glass bottles being thrown into landfill. Once glass bottles are thrown away they take millions of years to decompose, bars and restaurants also throw 200,000 into landfill each year. It was decided to design a light which would be showcased in bars and restaurants. Going through the design process, the manufacturing of the light pendants needed to be sustainable too.  The glass bottles were cut individually into rings, then sanded, sandblasted and attached to glass discs. The top of the design is upcycled as the planks of wood are made from thrown away bamboo flooring, this part of the design is optional for more structure, depending on the ceiling height of the bars. LED lightbulbs are used and also the pendant lights can be lifted through the cord enabling the light bulbs to be changed with ease.


Aquatic Education: Magnetic swimming paddles


The swimming equipment used today in swimming lessons is very limited and poor. The higher stages lack in equipment to improve their technique and as a swimming teacher, this is one of the hardest things to achieve and pass. Aquatic Education presents the magnetic swimming paddles, they are designed for stages 4-7 to improve technique and timing in breast stroke. The paddles include magnets which bring their hands together and gives them haptic feedback to ensure that their hands are in the correct position. There are two versions: the standard paddle and the advanced paddle, the standard version includes the magnets, the advanced version includes a vibration in the palm of their hand which will count their timing, to ensure they are gliding for the correct amount of time. These paddles could be used in different ways such as; improving streamline in all strokes or improving push and glides.