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Laurence Munslow

It is my belief that all design should have reasoning and justification, which as a result should tell some form of story. This is what drives me when designing, to ensure that my work has meaning and portrays a message. With valuable experience in design agencies in both Amsterdam and London I have now collated a mixture of knowledge and practice in industry across a wide range of sectors.

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Revive Sport 


Revive Sport challenges the difficulties that young hearing aid users face with physical sport. A small silicone mould that slips onto the hearing aid and hooks around the back of the ear allows users to engage in sporting activity without the fear of their hearing device becoming loose. The product also acts as protection from weather conditions such as wind and rain that interferes with the hearing aids in-built microphone, enabling users to enjoy uninterrupted sound whilst staying active.

Embark DSLR Bag


The Embark DSLR bag challenges the perceptions of how a camera bag should appear and function. The bag, comprising of 14 ounce waxed canvas and tanned leather appeals to a new demographic that’s keeping the DSLR alive, despite the rise of smaller, more compact camera technology. The Embark bag utilises an opening in the design to allow the user quick access to the DSLR, ensuring it matches the spontaneity and intuitiveness of its smaller counterparts.