Le Qiao Wei

My design always base on practicability and its target market. I believe that designers should standing in the angle of the user to design the product both in physical and mental. Also, I believe, a designer pay attention to quality and longevity in the design of an object or a system because of issues regarding sustainability, profitability, and protection of the environment.

“Simple is more” is my design belief that I always follow




Safer-Cooking is a new, wet chemical fire extinguisher that targets grease fires in the home kitchen. It has combined the traditional spray-style fire extinguisher and fire-fighting grenades. When the fire can’t be controlled by the traditional way, the user can use fire-fighting grenades to put out the fire.

When grease fire is happening, the fire extinguisher user always difficult to close and aim the fire point because of the hot air and splashed oil around the fire, which reduces the service efficiency of the fire extinguisher Two shields can protect the user to avoid the wave of hot air and splashed grease.


According to the related statistics, most of the bicycle accidents are appear between bicycle and car from the rear. Safer-RL is a muti-functional bicycle taillight that can improve cycling safety by reducing the number of accidents between bicycles and cars from the rear. It has combined the vehicles warning system and turn lights. When the between distance less than safe distance, the light will blink to warning rear car driver.