Leda Daroczi

Passionate about organic designs inspired by ancient technology. Strong emphasis on geometry as structural integrity is number one priority. Tremendous love for materials manipulation and biodegradable, vegan alternatives. Entrepreneur to the upcoming brand Authentic Attribute, which focuses on modifying the industry to attain sustainability, self-awareness and a community driven work environment mostly within professional craftsmen communities. | |

Pyramid Bed


Authentic Attribute celebrates ancient designs and self-development. The pyramid bed is the first furniture launched for the brand. It features a 2m x 2m sized hanging bed where the user can lay down and gaze at the stars or meditate in the centre. The top half is detachable for indoor use transforming an empty corner in a room or on a patio into a relaxation sanctuary. Stainless steel, marble, lava stone, Murano glass and hardwoods are just some of the materials available for customisation.



Octacone is a packaging material designed for Little Choc Apothecary, a vegan creperie in New York. Made out of recycled paper and coated with soy wax, the product is fully biodegradable. The ribbon fastened cone unfolds in an origami style transforming a crystal shaped bag into a plate. Alongside serving crepes on the go, the gift wrap can also hold other confectionaries such as bonbons, candies, toffees, chocolates and many more.