Lewis Burton

I am a very determined individual who only strives to achieve the best in what I do. As a designer my objective is to always create products with high quality and significance to the end consumer. After a successful year’s placement at DCI-Artform, I have obtained understanding across a broad range of roles that all contribute to the manufacture of a product/service. Utilising this experience with the input of my technical ability and eye for detail I am able to create captivating products. With my ever growing ambition for success within design, I am always looking for opportunities to develop myself.


E: lewis2_uk@hotmail.co.uk      

W: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lewisjoelburton


Harold is an industrial and modern concrete lamp made from the mixing of two raw materials: steel for the structure and shade, and concrete for the base. Finishes range from brushed steel, copper and powder coating. With its minimalistic and raw design complimented by copper details Harold can fit into any urban environment.

Mechanical Moth Watches

Mechanical moth is a modern timepiece for the everyday man that offers a unique Corian face. To compliment, a steel casing with a titanium or gold finish enhances the overall style. Offering the user originality, the timepiece is customisable to suit their activities with innovative interchangeable straps and details.