Lewis Hill

Creativity has always been my drive, and since my younger years, I have expressed my creativity in every medium from drama and art to music and design.  I have always appreciated and admired the hard work and passion of those with big ideas and the joy of the ideas succession in turn is what inspires myself to create.  Growing up in Nottingham, I have become very familiar with the design and creative cultures of the area. My experiences outside of design including music and performance lead me to know the creative processes that all creatives take in their chosen art form. Working as a consulting designer and graphic artist over placement helped bridge my understanding of industry requirements and those set by myself.  As a product designer, my aim is to question the predictable and challenge the conventional, in form, and function.  





Modulus is a creative furniture product designed to inspire production within the institutional work environment. The unique focus of the product is its modular design which allows the users to remove the segments and reconnect them to build a piece of furniture to suit their needs. Whether they need to lounge, read, or communicate with other works, the modulus can cater to anyone. Constructed using a tough, British industrial felt shell and filled with sustainable and environmentally friendly buckwheat hulls, the modulus is built to withstand the often-hazardous environments of the workplace. To connect the segments, the Modulus incorporates System 88 Hook and Loop Velcro for a secure connection between segments. With each component sourced locally, the Modulus ensures sustainability and recyclability. The segments prism structures allow the Modulus to assemble into a variety of furniture options from stools, communal seating or even a recliner. The Modulus can push users creativity whilst being a practical solution to institutional furniture.   



Luminos is the first of its kind, an omnidirectional, pendant  speaker. Utilising reflectors and a quality directional speaker, the Luminos can disperse music 360 degrees. The Luminos is designed to seamlessly integrate with the home environment and remain unobtrusive compared to other speakers on the market. Mounted from the ceiling, the Luminos replaces the traditional pendant light with a technological system with traditional aesthetics.