Louis Devall

Louis Devall’s design aesthetic is smart and simple, bringing minimalism to the foreground with the idea that less is more. There is also a strong ethical focus on his design, with thoughts often circling around the materials used, where they have come from as well as the treatment of labor. Smart solutions that have positive affects on the user and environment.

E: Louis-devall@hotmail.co.uk


Hub was developed to address issues with keeping a charge in business and conference setting. Discreetly featuring two Qi charging ports, two USB sockets and up to 4 full power sockets, in addition to LED lighting to softly light any environment. Developed with the Düsseldorf based company, Moree, the Hub fits in to the existing portfolio of simplistic furniture and lighting product. 

Ethical Eatery

Ethical Eatery is a restaurant which operates differently. Working with local homeless charities it offers work experience and jobs to disadvantaged people and allows them to train and grow within the restaurant environment, for them to ready to go on to future employment. At the same time sourcing ingredients from sustainable local sources and investing back into the local culture.