Lukasz Bialkowski

New beautiful products and innovative thinking is what energises me in everyday life. I am excited about solving problems and creating effective solutions. I approach every project with an open mind and embrace it fully with passion. I believe that fashion and style, placed alongside with functionality should lead the upcoming designs. I enjoy working in teams, as well as working on my own, using creative software like Photoshop and Solidworks.


T: 07934643310


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Creation of a new brand Timo and spice holder allows consumers to use their favourite spices using one hand. Everything is stored in the six slot refillable design, which requires to purchase various spice cartridges made out of biodegradable plastic. The final design aims to cut down the use of standard glass spice jars and introduces a new spice brand Timo. The design focuses on organization in kitchen, ease of use and improvement of cooking experience.

Hemingway's Mojito

Hemingway’s Mojito is the celebration of the Traditional Cuban Cocktail. The home Mojito Maker challenges the aesthetic standards of the current appliances market, by following the upcoming trends in the interior design and creating a story behind the product, at the same time making a stronger emotional bond with the consumer, like the furniture market. Hemingway’s is aimed at eccentric users, who enjoy the taste of the freshly prepared classic Mojito.