Luke Denby

Design has interested me from a young age. I am a strong believer in following the design process to a successful end. I believe testing, prototyping and user interactions are very important in this process. Being a practical designer, I practice hands on design and making, also in my own time. Problem solving is the part of design I enjoy the most, understanding the constraints and working to create a suitable design for the end user.

In my own time, as well as designing, I enjoy looking at architecture, following local history, keeping up with the latest tech, socialising with friends and being outdoors.




info@lukedenby.co.uk | https://www.lukedenby.co.uk

Citrus Slicer


A device designed to make the bar operate faster and keep fruits fresher for the high-end bar industry. This tool allows on demand slicing and wedging to take place behind the bar quickly and easily, challenging the current methods which are slower and allow fruits to degrade.



A tool designed for people with arthritis and the elderly who struggle to open child safety caps on bleach and mouthwash bottles. It is painful and difficult for them to open these bottles with their hands. This design concentrates the pressure created, by squeezing the tool with two hands, into the lid to release it.