Matt Harvey

My aim, when entering design related study, was to discover my own process of design and harness it to take once conceptual ideas and rationalise them into tangible products. The process I have developed is intuitive. The ability to sketch both quickly and in detail, the use of CAD, application of making techniques and fluent design communication now come naturally, permitting full attention to confronting a brief. I joined university designing everything to my own personal taste, with little forethought beyond the 2D sketch. I graduate university as a versatile designer grounded within the parameters of manufacture, yet motivated to push those parameters as far as possible.

The majority of my projects share an underlying theme - domesticating industrial materials. I enjoy challenging the accepted application of a material beyond its original intention.


mattrvdesign@gmail.com |  www.mattrv.co.uk | Instagram

'Loft Table' - Furniture For Small Homes


Homes are getting smaller. However, smaller isn’t always worse. Limited space offers us an opportunity to design furniture that is sympathetic to the space it uses up. During research for this project, it was found that, the romantics of a spacious special-occasion living room are in fact a rarity. In reality, living rooms are often small spaces that need the versatility to host a number of social and private activities. Loft table offers this versatility. The table's light, compact and easy-to-put-away qualities make it ideal for getting out the way when the space is needed. The styling is subtle enough to fit in with most modern decor yet draws a muted linear aesthetic from the lacquered ply edging.  Manufacture and mechanisms are designed to keep the purchase price as low as possible, yet making it durable enough to withstand daily use over time. 

Corrugated Collection

This project found that there has been a rise in the use of industrial materials in modern interior spaces-for example concrete has reached cult status and is becoming a common sight in modern homes. The Corrugated Collection draws on the rich history of corrugated iron and puts forward a case for the use of the, often overlooked, industrial roofing material under the roof. Like concrete, corrugated iron has an effortless aesthetic making it the perfect focal point of a utilitarian space. The 3-piece collection features a chest of drawers, a side board and a dressing table available in black powder coat, nickel plated or sand blasted galvanised (for the industrial purists) finishes.