Matt Russell-Smith

My design interests focus towards user-centred design, creating products with optimised functionality and improved aesthetics. I have a broader knowledge of design with a placement experience focusing more on mechanical design and engineering as well as a keen mind set to take on new challenges and learn new skills which drove my project choice this academic year.
With the aim to expand my knowledge, I challenged myself with a user-centred design project, focusing on the analysis of human reactions to varying stimuli and developing a system to aid the user in specific scenarios. This provide the opportunity to develop new skills with electronics and coding to add to my list, to become a more versatile designer.

Apart from design I have interests in a variety of sports, including hockey and football


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Major Study Project:

Stopple Watch


The Stopple watch home system combines functionality with style to create a product that users won’t need to hide up their sleeves.
With new fall detection technology, the system can automatically sense if a fall has occurred and call for needed assistance without any user interaction.
Consisting of a home hub and watch the pair provide reassurance to the user and their families in the event of a fall.