Matt Cole 

My name is Matthew Cole. I’m the self-driven designer/engineer type who enjoys pushing themselves to their limits and working on copious personal projects whenever they take a break from work.

Focusing on a wide range of subjects outside of design, keeping up to date on new technology and training as many skills as I can, I try to become an expert on whatever the current design brief entails.

I like to say “Design is not one subject; it’s a culmination of every subject”.
You never know what innovations could be inspired by knowledge not acquired yet, so never stop learning. 



T: 07791577349

Experiment 17

Experiment 17 is an exhibition piece designed to inspire curiosity and wonder in the viewer, and to encourage future designers to experiment with chemistry and unusual properties in materials.

The goal of the project was to harness the untapped refractive-index-matching properties of Pyrex glass submerged in glycerine, in order to create a juxtaposition of visibility beside invisibility.
The finished piece is an invisible ripple simulation controlled by a cam system, upon pressing the exposed centre ball; concentric circles of glass rise up in sequence, suddenly appearing from under the surface, then disappearing.