Matthew Pope

An intelligent designer, that enjoys problem solving and pushing himself to create new products that expand his knowledge and understanding of design. He enjoys creating visually stimulating sketches using digital media. With a variety of skills from graphic animation to furniture manufacturing, he uses his knowledge to design well informed products that can solve real-world problems in multiple disciplines. 

Addax Furniture

Addax is about allowing the user to express themselves through fabrics and therefore creating an emotional connection. Each section of Addax is customizable with bright and exciting fabrics, giving the user more freedom to design their unique sofa.

GC Watch

GC is a watch inspired by Mountain Biking and has been created to be presented to for the Overall winner of the 2016 UCI Men's Elite Downhill competition. The UCI (union cycliste internationale) will be hosting 7 events in 2016 across all the continents of the world. The GC will be a true reflection of the qualities needed to win this cycling challenge.