Max Armstrong

Modelling and working in 3D are two things I really enjoy doing and getting my teeth stuck into projects at Nottingham Trent has been great. Completing a fantastic placement abroad at Nestlé opened my eyes to the working world of designers, and I loved it. Photography often comes hand in hand when designing new products and product photography is a skill I’d like to work on in the future. Turning your hand to different disciplines when designing is all part and parcel of the process and in terms of my own design process I endeavour to design products that are well thought out and nice on the eyes. Looking forward, I’d like to work on more projects similar to my major project in and around the kitchen/house. | | Instagram

Breath Smart Inhaler


The Breathe Smart Inhaler looked to introduce smart technologies to increase efficiency of inhalers. This aimed to help users day to day and also reduce costs on the NHS. The Smart Pod and Smart Inhaler streamlined the process of going to the doctor as this could all be monitored by the GP after the data was uploaded to the cloud. This occurred when the Smart Inhaler was placed onto the Pod. An intuitive app also allowed the user to track their progress and even see when they needed a new inhaler. The aesthetics also challenged how an inhaler could really look and function. The running theme throughout was to make having asthma a more user centred experience.   

Connected Kitchen 


Networking technologies such as super-fast broadband and wi-fi mean that more of the devices we use are connected to the internet than ever before. This technology has been positively transferred into the now, ‘connected kitchen’. Connected Kitchen is designed to help you reduce household food waste and let you keep track of what is in the fridge. Using non intrusive radio frequency technology, the reader bar registers each product as it is placed into the fridge. Each item is then organised by the easy to read, magnetic screen into order of expiry. At a glance, instantly recognise what needs to be eaten or replaced from within 48 hours to 1 week. Easily apply the reader bar into your fridge with its waterproof adhesive strip. Connected kitchen also features an ‘on the move’ list which is available via smartphone when you aren’t at home.

Say goodbye to household food waste!