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Max Hale 

Driven by all things considered within design, I have a passion for Nordic style products combining industrial finishes and contrasting materials. With 12 months’ hands on experience in a fast-paced interior design workshop I have a clear understanding of production techniques, processes and client demands. I have applied the design skills learned throughout my time in industry to my final year studies. I look to combine aesthetically balanced forms with function as an approach to product design without compromise.

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NOOK is a collection of dividers that allows users/companies to create versatile learning spaces within open plan environments. Each piece has been designed to absorb excess noise to help individuals/groups escape from the chaos whilst trying to work. This is done by using sound insulting material which is sandwiched between 100% wool felt, this is biodegradable and naturally sound absorbing. Each divider is light and can be put alongside the different pieces, making it very versatile and easy to use in open plan areas. There a many possibilities the NOOK series offers making it appealing for a wide range of businesses, industries and spaces.


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BEAM is a high end, multipurpose task light for the home. Designed to be used to light up your desk space whilst you're at work. Alternatively when you're away from your desk, BEAM can be rotated to shine on the wall to create and ambient back light for your room. Another handy perk of the BEAM is the concrete tray below, which can hold only your most exclusive pen. The light is an LED strip to accommodate the contemporary advances in light technology and energy efficiency