Max Holland

My name is Max Holland, I’m a keen and enthusiastic designer with a hand on approach to design work.  After a captivating year in industry, designing and making for Lazerian, I have obtained an increased knowledge into the world of design and manufacture.  I believe these influences have been reflected in my designs to create aesthetical, functional and intriguing products. 





Luna offers three adaptable light directions, which can be playfully moved around to the users requirements.  Using sustainably sourced cork it houses a bright LED bulb dimmed by an up-cycled frosted glass bottle, sitting on a minimalistic copper coated frame that can be situated in the working desk environment. 

Armadillo Armour

Armadillo Armour is an impact protection jacket, aimed towards a more adventurous skier.  Fitting into a small compact bag or rucksack, the user can easily transfer too and from the slopes. A pull up protective helmet disguised in the hood along with shoulder protectors which straps around the body, allows for an easy and accessible method of protection keeping you safe on the slopes.