Megan Davies

I have always had a passion for Art and Design and the process of creating new things. I love the ideation part of the design process, when it involves idea brainstorming and the development of these new ideas.

To me, being a designer is having an open mind about all aspects of Art and Design, using a multi-discipline approach and not being restricted to just one area of design.

Having the opportunity to work at 2 very different companies on my placement year has given me industry experience in lighting design, packaging design as well as print and graphics. |


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Cord: is a fun multi-functional desk lamp, designed to be a desk saving solution for students starting university; with the aim to be kept throughout their time away from home, as it is fully flat packed and packaged securely it can be safely transported when moving house. The product is thread together using cord for extra strength as well as doubling up as storage for stationary items.

The Buzz


As interest in creative subjects are on the decline in schools, how can creativity in children survive? THE BUZZ is a fun and engaging creativity boosting scheme/brand for children starting high school. It includes a mixture of workshops, activities to personal development in critical thinking and problem solving using design techniques.