Megan Edge

Design for me is about making an impact in peoples lives and changing them for the better. Focused on problem solving and striving for a multi-disciplinary approach what I love about design is the process. It allows me to take an idea in my head to a useable product people can interact with. 

With experience in interior design from placement year, I hope to use this knowledge and my love for product design to pursue a future in homewares or production design for film and television. 

Contact megedge@me.com | meganedgedesign.weebly.com

Mirror Mirror 

broch small.jpg

Mirror Mirror is a smart phone based app and smart mirror located in a shopping centre environment. Intended to be the future of retail and provide a brand new shopping experience. The future of shopping is digital and this product allows the user a world of shopping and clothes at their fingertips ready to virtually try on and collect from store at the touch of a button.  


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Pearl is a range of decorative homewares made from plastic bottles. Intended to be a luxury range to be a conversation piece to make people think about waste and the recycling of plastic bottles, as hundreds are thrown away each day instead of being recycled.