Milan Bhavsar

I am a self-motivated design student who thrives on going out of his comfort zone in order to become a better designer. The combination of the knowledge that I have accumulated through University and the experience I had acquired through my placement, it has benefitted me into becoming a better designer. Research is the catalyst that drives my designs, without the research, I cannot comprehend the characteristics of my target users. My designs are user-driven, taking into consideration the on how my products will be interacted with from the beginning to the end of the products lifespan. Functionality, feasibility and aesthetics are the main aspects of my designs that I constantly reflect upon during the design process, critically assessing every decision that I make.

Through my placement, I had experienced being an interior design assistant where I had explored a different scale of design, which had expanded my knowledge of the design world and has helped me understand that time-management is a key skill in the design industry.  | LinkedIn | Behance



LICHT is a floor lamp, which had been created to illuminate the surrounding environment with mood-lighting. The sleek, minimalistic style derives from the Scandinavian-design. 



The project background derives from the rising numbers of university students suffering from a form of Anxiety. Students have the notorious reputation for having poor diets for numerous reasons ranging from lack of cooking knowledge to laziness. HealthyU is a product and service which teaches students how to cook nutritious recipes and portion meals which have been specifically tailored around student routines and budgets. HealthyU is a combination of a downloadable application and Tupperware which will point students in a positive direction of improving their mentality, health and will expand their cooking skills, leaving them more confident in the kitchen.