Morven Ross

My design style strives to make the complicated and innovative, aesthetically beautiful. I enjoy story telling through design, providing a narrative for the product whether that be the inspiration behind it or how it solves a problem. This evolves into the journey we, as designers, go through; taking an idea or a sketch and turning it into a tangible, feasible product is what truly drives my motivation. I was able to experience this process on a vast number of projects whilst on my placement year within the internal Dixons Carphone Design Agency based in London.

Outside of my studies I have a keen interest in travel with the personal aim of visiting all European countries (twenty-four so far) and photography; these two passions inspired both my major and minor projects during my final year.

My goals in life are to create, explore and capture. | PortfolioLinkedIn | Instagram

Scout - Your Everyday Wearable Camera


 Your Scout device will take photos at intervals determined by you based on the activity you are undertaking. Scout uses artificial intelligence to understand if a photo is worth saving or not by fulfilling a list of criteria; 'interesting' and representative photos of the moment are then transferred to the user's device. This occurs automatically and continuously. Location and facial recognition information is added to the image and the photographs will be catalogued on the accompanying mobile application via Dates, Places, Things and People. Scout captures beautiful memories that might of otherwise of been missed and allows them to be relived in an immersive fashion. 

This project was derived from my passion of capturing memories. I love to take photos and to reflect back on the good times.

TRVL Product Range


The TRVL leather product range was developed for the modern-day adventurer; those who crave travel and organisation in tandem. TRVL 001 is a zipped pouch featuring various pockets and attachments to keep your essential travel items organised and accessible, it also features a discrete and secure section for travel documents. Accompanying the pouch, TRVL 002 is a collapsible catch-all tray to keep your everyday carry items organised during transit and overnight stays. The range also provides the user with TRVL 003, two loose cable tidies to keep life outside the pouch organised.