Myles Greenfield

I consider myself as a creative problem solver with a keen interest in both the form and function of everything around us. Over the last few years I have developed a particular interest in design for physical and mental wellbeing, I’m fascinated how simple design can improve an individual’s health. I want to continue researching and understanding the human body and hope to one day become a medical designer.


Meditative Aid

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A personal stethoscope that transfers sound vibration from the user’s neck to the ear drums. This meditative aid gives focus to the consumer’s heartbeat and breathing pattern, and in turn, breaks the flow of everyday thought and puts the user in a physical state of relaxation.



Plus gives consumers easier access to natural remedies through the infusion of herbs and spices. Different health pods contain different natural ingredients, which help with various illnesses and deficiencies. Health pods screw into the base of the bottle and naturally uplift the consumer.