Nasser Fahad

As a designer, I am always pushing myself to become better with each new project & attempting to design projects far different from what is known as ‘common’. Previously being involved in different aspects of business, I take consideration in different areas of any project, from marketing, costs to branding. I’m an ambitious designer with a desire to continue my growth in skills and knowledge within design and business.

nasserfahad95@gmail.com | nasserfahaddesigns.co.uk | https://www.linkedin.com/in/nasser-fahad-872668137/


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The Bordo Furniture Range consists of 3 pieces inspired by Italian Contemporary design. The Scatola – Media Unit, The Credenza – Sideboard & The Cassetti – Bedside Drawers, all made from walnut veneered ply with laminated fronts. The range comes in 3 colours, Champagne Beige, Shadow Black & Arctic White.

Noor Lamp

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The Noor Lamp is a culture based lamp, bringing the art & history of calligraphy and Islam to a household product. The shade being made from porcelain brings a delicate, yet classical look to the design. The calligraphy which reads ‘Shahada – Faith’, is a great word to express Islam as a culture & religion.