Nathan Gibbons

I chose this course because my passion is to improve the lives of others through design. The past four years have been a great learning, especially my placement year away at Diversey which developed my personal and professional skills while enhancing my interest in the medical sector of design. This felt like the most spontaneous direction go in as it aligns with my ambition and major study project.

When I’m not designing I’ll be training in taekwondo and representing the University at competitions while nearly achieving my black belt over my university experience.


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Major Study Project:

Self-retracting Trocar - (Medical)


Reports from the Food and drug administration in 2014 talked about injuries occurring during the insertion of a trocar in laparoscopic surgery (or keyhole surgery) and some bowel or vascular injuries not being diagnosed in good time. The trocar is the tool used to make small incisions in a patient’s stomach after it has been inflated as part of the surgical procedure.

Therefore, developing a self-retracting mechanism for the trocar will be essential for reducing the amount of injuries that could occur.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:


Nathan_Gibbons_Aluminium extruded umbrella1.jpg
Nathan_Gibbons_Aluminium extruded umbrella5.jpg
Nathan_Gibbons_Aluminium extruded umbrella4.jpg

Aluminium extruded parts have a wide range of uses and endless possibilities of profiles that can be produced to serve a function. The challenge was to incorporate extruded parts an existing product to solve an issue. A common problem that exists is umbrellas turning inside out due to heavy winds exceeding force the umbrella frame can withstand, which means there was a possibility that constructing the frame out of extruded aluminium parts and some stainless steel would improve strength of the frame structure compared to standard umbrellas.