Alan Ng Cheuk Lun

I started to learn about leather when I was young because my father’s job was to repair and renew bags for his customers. My interest in leather is partly affected by my father’s work and I gradually gained an interest in design.
When someone mentions China, they may think about the worlds industry - “Made in China”. As a Hongkongese, I hope to design something new and creative, a leather product to show people there are good designers in Hong Kong. The important thing is… I hope most of the products in my brand are “Made in Hong Kong”.


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Safety Wallet


For recent years, people's love for travel has grown more than before. Unfortunately, no cities are always safe and thieves are everywhere. As a traveller, they must want to play safe in the city and not have to worry about the safety of their belonging during their trip. Safety Wallet can protect your cash and card information. RFID blocking, an extendable buckle and hidden cash layer are also features of this product. There is no reason to worry about your property anymore when you travel.  

Functional Backpack


Backpack is a very basic and normal necessity for people that can bring their things and place them inside the bag. School, shopping, dating, sports, travelling etc. Backpack makes our life easier. For people who like sports, they usually need a bag or backpack for their sports equipment and their clothes.
‘Functional Backpack’ can satisfy the people who like sport and hangout after that. It can be more multifunctional by turning the backpack into 2 forms.