Yu Lynn Ng

With the passion to design and build things at young age, I began developing skills to communicate my ideas through traditional and digital sketching to prototyping. ‘Basic forms with a touch of bright colours’ have been a main focus to my design as it features a classic, clean and playful look to a space. I am open to new, innovative and undiscovered designs as it is an important aspect in this fast paced and ever changing world.




Ng-Yu Lynn_Glitz 1.png

This decorative bedside wall lamp is primarily made up of three layered hexagonal patterned pieces with a combination of materials and textures which impersonate the fireflies. Glitz is inspired by the beautiful enchanting endangered fireflies; the tiny glowing bugs which are also known as lightning bugs. The geometrically simple design features patterns inspired by their semi-transparent wings along with their hierarchical structured cuticles as the main characteristics of Glitz. Glitz can be easily switched on and off with a touch at its centre or dimmed by rotating its upper layer, a playful interaction from traditional switches. 


Yu Lynn Ng_BHan_Top.jpg
Yu Lynn Ng_BHan_Bottom Left.jpg
Yu Lynn Ng_BHan_Bottom Right.jpg

A cutting board is undoubtedly a tool you use daily. It is a tool you need to get with the right material to serve your needs. The durable design of Bhan makes a good fit into both modern and contemporary kitchen space. It not only upgrades your kitchen’s appearance but adds on details to aid your everyday food preparation. Furthermore, besides its modern yet compact form, it also has easy to lift edges and a unique sauce pourer.
‘With Bhan, there will be no messy kitchen tops, less side plates to wash, prevents bacteria build-up and reduces cross-contamination. All the little details for a better experience.’