Nicholas Bambridge

Design is everywhere, whether we choose to embrace or ignore it, it will always have a place in everyday life. This philosophy drives my passion to design and manufacture products which not only exist but bring emotional satisfaction to the everyday consumer. I am an aspiring designer who thrives to challenge himself by pushing the limitations of my abilities with each project. I try and design relative to manufacturing processes understanding that theory and practicality do not always see eye-to-eye.

Experience has taught me that learning through physical prototypes and test pieces is the crucial part to my design process, as I flourish through the ability of a hands on approach. This is not to say that my abilities in CAD and sketching aren’t continuous aids to push design and development. I would like to think that if an impossible task was set, I would try and find a solution, no matter how big or how small.


Minor 2.jpg

SteamMech lighting is a company that takes pride in the precision of manufacturing bespoke Steampunk lamps. These lamps are built with the intension of expanding a living space by creating atmospheric beauty through unique features using gears and cogs to incorporate a working mechanism. Innovation was pushed to design a piece of lighting that engages the consumer by homing in on hedonistic emotional values to try and connect product and purchaser. The manufacturing of the product uses materials relative to the style with each part being made from hand to ensure quality.


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Varkë is a reasonably sized collapsible rowing boat that is aimed towards the wonders and mysteries that lie on the British canals. The collapsibility of the boat means that it can be transported easily in the car or stored conveniently out of the way in your home. The product uses a button clip system to interconnect parts together securely and efficiently whilst taking inspiration from skin-on-frame boats using an external shell consisting of fabric, ballistic nylon. Varkë holds up to three people maximum or can be rowed alone.