Nick Busby

As I designer my focus is based on the user.  The users’ needs and how the user interacts with a product, shape and mould the direction and outcomes of my design projects. While working at Panel-UK on my placement year my ethos as a designer became more focused as I saw the needs of real world problems and designed complete solutions based around the user. 


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Balance; a kitchen appliance that reduces food waste in the preparation stage of making a meal.

Balance tackles the three largest areas of household food waste; vegetables rice and pasta. The nature of the design allows the user to measure out a portion of food based upon government guidelines. The user can then transfer the food to be cooked, and balance can be cleaned, all with speed and ease for modern day living. 

The Dementia Experience

The Dementia Experience is a pop up service that allows the user to feel what it is like to have dementia. This experience creates a feeling of empathy in the users, aiding to their understanding and awareness of the disease.