Nicolette Sizer

As a designer I want to focus on creating user centred solutions, when I design a product my attention is spread to all stages of commercialisation of that product, from research and development to manufacturing and finally marketing. By being involved in all stages, the product not only enriches the end user’s experience but other stakeholders too. In my final year I have chosen to use the skills gained from a year in industry where I was involved in the whole design process and by combing these skills gained with the techniques I have learned over the past 4 years, I want to refine them further by focusing my studies to medical design in the future.
As well as being passionate about design, I am a keen autodidact with interest in all things Sci-Fi, travel and future technologies.


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Major Study Project:

Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Alleviating Device Used in Surgery and Intensive Care Unit


Patients undergoing surgery are prone to develop pressure ulcers (PUs), with the development of a PU in the hospital environment a longer hospital stay is inevitable, thus increases costs to both the patient and the hospital.
Despite the introduction and implementation of clinical practise guidelines, PUs still affects a high number of risk groups in the acute hospital sector and continues to escalate, currently costing the NHS up to £2.1 billion per annum to treat PUs.
To combat this, a closed loop design system was conceptualised to provide nurses and hospital staff the ability to monitor the effects of PUs on the patient and with the live data feedback, reduce pressure sores by means of actuation in real time, the product can be retrofitted onto existing static pressure relieving devices.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Bespoke Worktop Transport 


Transportation of bespoke worktops such as granite and concrete can be the most frustrating part of the design process, if not properly supported the countertops will crack or chip during transportation from factory to client.
By creating an A frame that is adjustable, the bespoke countertops can be supported correctly, the adjustable frame can be interchangeable due to the extruded aluminium profile which includes an angled edge, centre hole, perpendicular edges and slots for bolts, supports and casters.