Nikian Aghababaie

Researching, developing and creating user centred solutions to global sustainable issues is my passion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to design robotics and consumer products too! Over the last two years of my undergraduate degree in Product Design, these pursuits have inspired me to test my prototypes as an engineering hydroponic volunteer in Peru and work as the lead drone designer in a Silicon Valley startup.

Aside from design, I am a keen photographer, cook and concert violinist. | |

Aidn (Aeroponics in Developing Nations)

Inspired by 30 years of NASA research, Aidn (Airoponics in Developing Nations) uses simplified Aeroponic technology to grow vegetables and ‘cash crops’ using up to 90% less water in any environment, particularly developing nations and refugee sites.

Tested in Peru, Aidn works by spraying nutrient water onto plant roots suspended in air using pierced reused plastic water bottles, a £3 miniature water pump, a £5 Arduino microcontroller and a £10 solar panel. Suspending roots inside a container allows for water recirculation and increased oxygen contact with the roots which improves nutrient uptake and plant growth speed.

The basic plant nutrient solution is made from locally sourced seaweed and very small amounts of low cost Epsom (bath) salts and can be used to grow a variety of nutritious vegetables such as Kale, Spinach, Basil, Radishes and potatoes.  

The sales strategy is to sell a ‘premium’ Aeroponics product to developed countries where the proceeds reduce the cost of the core components to be sold to families in refugee sites enabling them to eat or sell the vegetables that they grow. Designs for an affordable larger scale Aeroponics system are underway.

Videos of testing in Peru can be found at

Snap-Fit Aluminium Radiator:

Manufactured in just three steps without welded parts, this snap-fit aluminium extruded radiator is designed for easy, one-person on-site assembly with improved thermal dispersion. Gasket paper between the modules ensures a water-tight seal and can be snapped to any length on a single galvanised steel sheet wall mount.