Nikita Lad

Being creative from a young age, I have always had interests in design. Model making and CAD are parts of designing where I thrive to generate many concepts using a range of mediums to share my ideas and visions of a brief. I am enthusiastic about learning new skills, and wanting to be part of a design age where products are being designed and developed for the greater good. I had the opportunity to do a placement year abroad, as a design engineer, where I could expand my knowledge of different aspect of the design process within a company company. Being exposed to different cultures and a new way of working has enabled me to understand the importance of a thorough design process, and what it means to be part of a team. I am looking forward to gaining new experiences within the realms of the design industry. 

Kineteco - The Human Powered Cork Torch


Kineteco is a human powered cork torch which brings light in the dark for campers and like-minded people through a simple squeeze. This torch was designed to explore the capabilities and limitations of cork through its various forms such as sheets, blocks and granules. Cork is a material which is known for its properties such as being lightweight, water-proof and absorbs sound and vibrations.

Through Kineteco, it was possible to adapt cork to the functionality of a dynamo torch. The product is designed prove that a sustainable material which would not normally be considered for a piece of camping equipment is in fact possible and suitable for more applications than known. Kineteco is one of very few products which uses cork for camping, however, it could be an alternative eco-friendly material which becomes more popular to the masses.



Air pollution is a major problem in the UK, it is known as the invisible killer! How can we change this? The answer is Osmos – The Clean Air Hub. It is designed to purify the surrounding air whilst promoting various air purifying plants, and educating the public on the harms of air pollution and how they can help to rectify this problem. This semi-enclosed seating area allows the public to engage with nature whilst breathing clean air provided by the plants. OSMOS informs the public of how they can to improve the air quality in their own home through the use of air purifying plants.