Nina Thomas

One of my greatest passions within design and design thinking is multidisciplinary practice, and as such my interests and skills are broad and highly transferable. Being both creative and academic enables me to tackle projects eclectically and strategically, and with an empathetic and open-minded sensitivity. I love research and ideas, problem solving and innovation, creativity and logic, thinking and questioning; moreover, I relish each opportunity to challenge, explore and apply these in new ways and contexts. My experience in industry so far has spanned product and graphic design, research and development, social media and marketing, event management and more.






Eclipsis is a minimalist, affordable, multifunctional lamp that adapts to the nomadic student lifestyle.

Its goose-necked, telescopic frame with screw-collet grips allows full adjustment of light direction & height, while its dual-hemisphere bulb shade can be swivelled to create directional to ambient lighting as required. These features mean that Eclipsis can be used in over 18 different configurations & is suitable for any room the student moves into next, preventing them from needing to spend money on a new lamp.


Solitaire is a statement side table inspired by crystals, contemporary jewellery & Autumn/Winter 2016/17 design trends. Intended to challenge the boundaries between jewellery & furniture, it features slate grey ash & plated steel in two colour variations: brass gold with real blue calcite & rose gold with real rose quartz. The form is a cross between a small bismuth crystal cluster & a contemporary ring.