Oliver Morley-Brown

I am a 23 year old aspiring furniture and product designer with a passion for traditional and modern craft within all Medias. By challenging myself in new environments and as well as learning new skills to develop my abilities to create beautiful objects is literally what I am all about. My passion is the workshop therefore designing and making is what I thrive on in life and by having the ability to work with computer aided design to using the workshop machines I will one day aspire to be a professional craftsman.

Contact ollie.mbrown@hotmail.co.uk | ollie-morleybrown.squarespace.com

H Chair 


The H Chair and O Stool are hand crafted pieces of traditional furniture design, combining Danish and Japanese inspired craftsmanship. Each piece of the chair is carved by hand and therefore designed using classic carpentry techniques. The mid-century inspired lounge chair is formed using draped Lyveden leather, with ash and walnut hard woods to complement the tan of the hide.  



ORB is a hand crafted sculptural task lamp that can be self-assembled as a gift set. Each piece of the lamp can be slotted together with limited fastenings and is balanced using a magnetic counter-balance to allow easy movement of the lamp arm. The industrial concrete base contrasted with the olive and beech lamp shades is a clear example of a minimal modernist design.