Oliver Kirby

My design interests focus primarily upon mechanical engineering and associated innovative automotive technologies. These particular industries and avenues of technical design were encouraged through a childhood of being surrounded by construction and haulage equipment that later continued into a career racing Motocross at a national level. In 2016, I had the opportunity to become further engrossed into the motorcycle industry and a sport I loved with a placement year at Triumph Motorcycles.

This year, I tested my accrued knowledge of motorcycles and brief experience of the industry with a challenging major study project.


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Major Study Project:

The Upcycle of an ‘End of Life Motorcycle’


The automotive market is currently experiencing an electric revolution. The need to design for the future through investing in renewable alternatives is becoming increasing necessary. This major study project attempts to address the problem of excessive waste creation, urban air pollution and inefficiency of road networks. The upcycle of this end of life, 1977 Honda SS50 demonstrates the feasibility in reconditioning a non-working liability into a cleaner, cheaper and faster method of urban commuting transport. The main design feature of the e-motorcycle included the battery assembly. With the removal of the combustion engine, the now heaviest components required secure fixture to provide safe handling. The DIY conversion kit aimed to offer improved ergonomics and rider comfort to every motorcycle.


SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Retail Shoe Shelving


These extruded shelving units are designed to cater for the shoe retail market. They would be used within shop refits and renovations, providing an updated industrial interior design trend. Their use allows the retail space to maintain a high standard and consistent presentation even through stock level variation. Manufactured via extrusion, this lightweight aluminium design can be produced economically in large quantities. Aluminium has a highly aesthetic natural finish and a sustainable, infinitely recyclable material making it ideal for this innovative shoe shelving product.