Olufunmi Odeyemi

An award-winning designer with a flair and passion for user-centered design. Sincere commitment to all aspects of the subject, relevant industry experience, a diverse portfolio, and recognised skills and qualifications.

www.olufunmiodeyemi.com | funmiutd@yahoo.co.uk | uk.linkedin.com/in/olufunmi-odeyemi-7a193375

Edulight: LED Horticulture Unit for Food Education

Edulight: A simple and functionally effective table-top sized unit which utilises LED lighting technology to grow plants in order to aid the demonstration of horticulture and food education in indoor learning environments. Sponsored by Thorn Lighting Ltd.



Alexis: A versatile, contemporary, and commercially appealing LED luminaire. Made from an extruded aluminium housing and minimal components, this eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lamp can easily be mounted in a variety of positions and is available in a range of anodised and decoral finishes.