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Owen Griffiths

Over the past few years my design skills have developed allowing me to become an innovative and fresh-minded designer. Time working with SolidSolutions and private consultancy has given me confidence in my design skills. This accredited me with experience in SolidWorks encouraging me to accomplish more with my time. My interests in wildlife and long-term sustainability drove the themes of my final year projects. Delving into an engineering based brief has created a challenge for me to thrive at. |


WaveCycle is an innovative low cost product that provides renewable energy from waves using standard bicycle components and simple domestic products such as an aluminium frame and pressure cooker. The bilinear motion from the wave is transferred to a singular rotational motion using bike sprockets and gear arrangement, which allows a standard electrical generator to be interfaced with high efficiency. This technology could help provide power to coastal areas which otherwise may not have a wide access to electrical energy, as well as the potential to be scaled up to create large quantities of power.

Underwater Camera Arm

Through the use of the aluminium extrusion process, a redesign of UltraLight’s scuba diving camera arm provides a modular and highly adaptive arm for consumer customisation. The redesigned product provides versatility at an affordable cost by reducing the initial material cost of product by 75% and increasing the production rate.